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News and Announcements

Student Parking On Campus

UPDATED - 8/29/2019

150 parking decals have currently been sold. If you have not purchase a decal, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PARK ON CAMPUS. WE SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE SPACE. Your vehicle will be towed at your expense.

In order to gauge the number of additional students who need to access to parking on campus, please click of the link provided below. This is only to ascertain the number of students who still would like the privilege to park on campus. If space is available, we will attempt to accommodate as many students as possible. 

Please have all the necessary documents with you at all times in the event we contact you for a decal (Parking Permit Contract with Copy of Driver's License/Registration of the vehicle and Proof of Insurance). If you are not registered via the link below, you will not have the opportunity to purchase a decal. 

Priority will be given to Seniors and Juniors who's schedule dictate (Ex: work experience or off-campus internships) the necessity for individual transportation.