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Student Services
Accredited by State Approved Institutions (FIU & MDC)

Need to Know:
• Requires a 3.00 unweighted Grade Point Average (GPA) to participate.​​​​​​​ 
• To participate, you must be a rising 10th Grade student.
• Requires approval from parent/guardian, counselor and principal. The school is under no obligation to accept credit without it.
• Grades for the courses will be posted on high school transcript and begin your college transcript.
• Requires completion of all college or university admission requirements, including passing a placement test if required.
• The course is at no cost to you.
• Transportation to and from the college/university is the student's responsibility.
• Required return for all textbooks issued or else will be financially responsible to the high school.
 If you receive a C in a Dual Enrollment course, you will no longer be eligible to take any other Dual Enrollment course for the remainder of your high school career.
• CGHS will NOT APPROVE any ENGLISH course or CORE SOCIAL STUDIES course (i.e. American History, Government, and Economics).

Courses offered on Coral Gables campus:
  • Writing and Rhetoric I & II
  • College Algebra
Social Studies
  • American Government
  • Intro to Political Theory
  • Business Entrepreneurship
Fine Art
  • Three Dimensional Design/Beginning Ceramics
  • Beginning Drawing/ Beginning Painting
Foreign Language
  • Intermediate Spanish I & II
  • Intermediate Conversation in Spanish
  • Intermediate Reading in Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish for Native Speakers
  • Accelerated Spanish for Native Speakers
  • Intermediate Italian/Italian Intermediate Conversation
Physical Education
  • Foundation of Fitness

Go to MDC’s Dual Enrollment website to learn all about dual enrollment. 
Go to FIU’s Dual Enrollment website to learn all about dual enrollment.

 For additional information about Florida’s Dual Enrollment Program, visit: http://www.fldoe.org/schools/higher-ed/fl-college-system/academic-student-affairs/dual-enrollment.stml